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PTC Tutorial

Welcome to our online PTC tutorial. I would like you to go through all the information on this page. This way you will understand better how BUX and PTC systems work and why get paid to click programs are able to bring you a greater income than others.

I will also offer you loads of tips to help the ones that decide to get started. Do not forget that EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY FREE and in half an hour from now you can start making money.

OK Lets begin!

1. The payment processor account

First of all, create a new email address and use it for everything related to this "business".

In order to get paid, you will have to open an account with one or more of the payment processors online. A payment processor normally means a third party that processes the credit card payment between two merchants.

PTC sites usually use at least one of the following: Payza or Paypal.

Tips: You can open only one account, with Alertpay, for the beginning, as they are accepted by almost all of the BUX and PTC sites.

Anyway, the fact is that you have to open an account first, as some of the programs will ask how you prefer to get paid, when you sign up.

The Check payment method may be available on some sites, but check first the fees that apply in your country when you have to cash it. It usually takes longer than using a payment processor.

2. Subscribing to programs

This step is easy but booooring The good thing is that you have to do it only once.

You can subscribe using the links on the BUX/PTC page on this website.

Warning: Make sure you use the real information about yourself, as some of it may be needed in the payment validation process.

Subscribe to as many programs as you like. I would recommend at least ten, in order to obtain good results.

3. Start clicking

OK You are member in, lets say, twenty programs right now.

Sign in and go to the View Ads or Ads area. You will see a list of banners or links. Click on one of them. A new window will open. On top, you will see a counter. When it finishes counting, a validator may appear and you will have to click the appropriate button. You will see a message that your account has been credited. Now, you can close this window and click the next link. Do this until you finish clicking all the links.

Warning: Do not click on next link until you finished with the first one. It is against the rules and it is possible that you wont be credited for any of them.

Go to My Earnings and check if the money is in your site account.

Tips: Now, I will tell you how you can click on more than one site simultaneously. Open, lets say, five tabs on your browser. Sign in for a different program and go to Ads area on each tab. Click on one add in the firs tab, go to tab two and click on one add and so on. When the time finished, click the validators and close the five pages that were opened. You can bookmark the tabs from the Bookmarks menu of your browser (by the way, I use Firefox), and next time you will have them together. This way you will need about 10 minutes to finish clicking on 20 sites. This technique works in 90% of the cases.

New ads will be available next day.

The average daily earnings from one site are $0.10. We will multiply by 20 sites and obtain $2.00 / day, meaning $60 / month. It is not much (unless we loose it :))), which takes us to the next step:

4. Building your down-line getting referrals

Every referral will bring you 10-100% of his earnings every day. Lets say you have 20 referrals (which is nothing, as you will be able to refer 20 people per day using the techniques presented further on). Each of them will bring you $6 to $60 / month x 20 referrals = $120 to $1200 / month. If we add your $60, we will have $180 to $1280 / month. This is quite good, isnt it

Warning: In order to get paid for your referrals, you will have to be active as well. Most of the PTC sites will not pay your share for the next day referral activity, if you are not active the day before. For some of them you have the option to let them know if you are going on Holliday or if, for some reason, you will not be active for a few days. In this case, your earnings will not be affected.

But, how do we get these referrals

Well, I will present furhter on a few methods you can use for free and are proved to have very good results.

Tips: Always target individuals that will do their job. Paying for non-targeted referrals is not the solution in this kind of business, as they will subscribe to your programs, but they wont usually be active (they wont bring you any profit).

In order to subscribe new members, you will need your referral link, which you can find in Promotion tools area of each program, after you log in. A referral link should look like this:


All the members that want subscribe through you will have to get to the Sign up page by clicking a link similar to the one in the example above.

A. Friends and family

When I first started, about 9 years ago, I used Yahoo Messenger. I sent a sort message to everybody in my list, asking them to help me in testing these programs. I presented everything as being a personal project and I would need their help for about a month, 10 minutes a day.

And guess what From about 90 people I had in my list (friends and family), about 20 agreed to help me. Some of them are still my referrals.

So find a way to contact the people you know, as they may help you, at least to start.

B. Facebook

This is a powerful tool. I suggest you to create an account on Facebook for promoting only this kind of programs. You can use your own, personal account for this, but it is not recommended.

Post your referral links or the link to your website containing your referral links.

Tips: Search for Paid to Click groups on Facebook and join as many as you can. Start posting in those groups every day (one or two posts / day, maximum). Every time you post, an email will be sent to every member of the group, to let them know. Do not spam.

Request friendships and be active. Post comments, news, tips, proves of payment and so on. This will have a great impact on your credibility and, implicitly, on the number of members in your down-line.

Answer to everybody, if they have questions, and do not be rude to anyone, even if some people may provoke you.

C. Blogs and Forums

Posting on Blogs and Forums is proved to be of real help and everybody agrees on that. Take part in discussions. You will discover that the members of these communities usually help each other.

You have the chance to post your referral link here as well and this is of great help, as everybody here is interested in the same subject.

D. Traffic Exchange

This is a tool I personally love to use. It basically means that you are viewing other peoples web pages and youll get yours seen in return.

I have seen comments on forums saying that Traffic Exchange doesnt work. Well, it works for me. And I know why it does for some people and it does not for others.

Using Traffic Exchange you usually have 10 to 20 seconds to present your offer. The web page you promote has to be specially designed for this kind of programs. It has to be a splash page. It has to contain a visible, short, concise message (Ex.: Grab 100 referrals in 2 hours. FREE!!!). The viewer has to find out almost everything about your offer in those few seconds. Everything counts on a page like this: fonts, pictures, colors etc.

Luckily, the referral links you will use, usually point to pages that were specially built to capture attention in very short time, as well.

I personally use splash pages pointing to a web page on my site. If I manage to bring the viewer to my web site, it means I already earned some more of his time and I can use it to convince him to sign up.

Tips: Use a splash page linking to the web page promoting your programs.

You can subscribe by clicking Traffic Exchange on my website.

After you signed up, log in the program and go to My Websites.

You will be able to add there three to ten links to promote simultaneously. I suggest that you promote your splash page, if you have one, and after that add individual programs.

We will talk some more about Traffic Exchange in a future Tutorial on this subject.

E. Articles

Articles can bring good results, too.

Search on Google for articles directories. Write articles on subjects that you have knowledge about and submit them to these directories. Make sure you put the links to your programs at the end of the article (not too many links two or three maximum per article).

The articles must be original and present useful information, in order to attract readers.

Tips: The title is of great importance. Please choose it carefully or your article will stay unnoticed.

F. Other PTC Sites

This is a great way of getting new refferals. Promote your program on other PTC sites. People here are already interested in "paid to click". Some sites offer you a small amount of money in your purchase or account balance. You can use it to promote what you are interested in.

Tips: It may sound weird to you, but you will obtain good results if you promote your program on scam PTC sites. And there is an explenation for this - most of the members here are not happy and will try to migrate to other programs. I'm telling you, scam sites are a Gold Mine; use them in your advantage.

G. Solo Ads

Another method to help you earn money from PTC, with very god results, is the use of solo ads, on safe list sites.

This is how it works: you write an email, add you referral link and send it to the members of those sites.

Depending on the amount of credits you have, you can send up to 20000 emails every few days, from each site, to promote your program (for free).

Tips: Please create another email address to use only with these programs, as you will receive tons of emails.

Here are a few websites I use: List Joe, State Of Art Mailer, List Building Maximizer, Downline Builder Direct

Tips: Search on Google for promo codes for these sites and you will get even more credits.

There are more techniques to attract referrals, but I will not present them here, as they may take a longer time in order to obtain good results or may involve you financially.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Tutorial and you found the information useful. Please Contact us if you consider there is something missing from this tutorial or for any other enquiry.

Thank you! and "Good Luck!"

Constantin Ungureanu

Website Administrator

The BUX-PTC.co.uk Team

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