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The best get paid to work from home programs. You will get to paid adverts in a few minutes from now.


Constantin (Admin)

"I have 9 years experience in BUX and PTC."

Chris U.

I first tested BUX and PTC (paid to click) back in 2005. I was looking for a way to make an income online and to earn money from PTC looked appealing. I have tried all kind of programs: get paid to read emails, get paid to do surveys, get paid to watch videos and so on, but none of them had the advantages of PTC. I lost a lot of time and money trying to get to paid to click sites that are genuine, first, because of the scams and second, because of the lack of knowledge.

A lot of things have changed since then, but, still, some others have not. I still look for the best get paid to click programs, to join, to work with the best of PTC, as I want to earn money from PTC.

Earn Money From PTC

It will be easier for you to get to paid to click programs, I mean, to the good ones, than it was for me 9 years ago. The only thing you have to do is to follow the few steps presented in our Tutorial. You will find out how to expand your business and how to stay away from scammers.

PLEASE CONSIDER IT YOUR OWN BUSINESS, because this is what it is.

Another purpose we have is to create a community and help each other. Please feel free to use our Forum to post any kind of information that you think can be helpful or ask any kind of questions related to BUX, PTC or ?get paid to? programs.

You can also Contact us directly for any enquiries you may have.

I wish you all the best in using the programs presented here and I am sure we can work hand in hand and help each other in reaching our goals.


Constantin Ungureanu

Website Administrator


The BUX-PTC.co.uk Team

Free BUX and PTC money making program.

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Make Money Using Scams

Paid To Click programs?... A very appealing idea when it comes to earning money on-line, right?

Here is one of the the most popular scenarios, at least for newbies:

You know very little about PTC and you find this website promising you "up to $0.20 per click"...

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PTC - The Funniest Moments

Welcome to one of the most controversialist realms of the World Wide Web? the Paid To Click territory.

I assure you the following facts and goings-on are 100% genuine and they may be too hilarious for some of you. So? read with caution!

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5 Paid To Click Myths

For the last 10 years, at least, PTC programs conquered the first positions in GPT (Get Paid To) Tops, among other options of making money on-line, like: get paid to take surveys, read emails, subscribe and so on.

While more and more people were continuously looking for easy ways of earning money and work from home, PTC was offered the optimum conditions of evolving and becoming a phenomenon.

As it was expected, over time, myths started to appear.

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Did You Know?...

Did you know that the majority of the money made on-line does not come from selling products, but from advertising ? promoting goods and services?

These are the basic rules for PTC and Traffic Exchange sites, as well.

They have to target and they have to promote.

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